Dr. Alina Lyons, DMD


Our team is never sleeping on the job. We're committed to our patients, our practitioners and our business.

Gary Glicker

Tiffany Preston

Since graduating from SIUE, Dr. Lyons has been practicing dentistry and serving her community for over 30 years.

Her practice, Lyons Family Dentistry, offers general dentistry services, implant placement, and conscious sedation services. Now, her practice continues to serve her community with Better Sleep Inc.

Dr. Lyons also served in The United States Air force as a Captain at McGuire Air force Base. 

In her free time she enjoys traveling, the theater and culinary arts.

Our team is comprised of not only the individuals seen here but also our dedicated, highly trained hygeinists, thorough coordinators and diverse partners.

Gary is a Graduate of Temple University with a degree in Kinesiology. He has over 30 years of experience in both sales and marketing but often leans on his prior teaching experience to better educate patients or physicians in the arena of sleep apnea.

Gary is committed to physical fitness and is an advocate for a healthy lifestyle. In his downtown, he can be found cooking, reading or traveling.

Tiffany was born in New Jersey and possesses an English degree from The College of New Jersey.

As Better Sleep Inc. continues to grow, she remains passionate about the process of helping to diagnose and treat patients suffering from sleep apnea or other sleep conditions.


Tiffany is a certified CBD Advisor as well as a Certified Life and Health Coach and can be found drawing, writing or running with her pup on days off.

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