• Tiff Preston

31 Reasons you NEED Better Sleep

It's pretty rare we come across individuals who have it all together and have no complaints about sleep. We're not just talking hours here people, we're talking quality.

While 7+ hours of sleep in our electronic-filled day is certainly impressive, we're more interested in knowing what exactly went down during those hours. Here are just 31 reasons why you NEED better sleep...oxygen is the first.

  1. Oxygen...because our bodies definitely love this and use it for basically everything.

  2. Hormonal balance

  3. Reproductive health

  4. Sexual function

  5. Blood sugar levels

  6. Diabetes management

  7. Anxiety control

  8. Mood consistency

  9. Mental focus

  10. Physical energy

  11. Body repair

  12. Regeneration

  13. Blood pressure regulation

  14. Coronary health

  15. Weight fluctuation

  16. Asthma

  17. Cholesterol

  18. Hypertension

  19. Depression

  20. Reflux disease

  21. Nocturia

  22. Heart health

  23. Oral hygeine

  24. Motor function

  25. Your overall health and wellness

  26. Your kids and keeping up

  27. Your career

  28. Your marriage

  29. Your deductible

  30. Your mother-in-law

  31. Sweet sweet dreams

These are just some of the reasons we love addressing potential sleep disorders like Obstructive Sleep Apnea. If we can help our patients assess, diagnose and effectively treat something that has some a major impact on their daily lives...well, we're sleeping pretty good at night, too.

Please note there are many, many more reasons. Feel free to show us your reason @bettersleepinc #myreason