• Tiff Preston

Opening Airways, Even with Garlic Breath.

Did you know garlic is actually great for Obstructive Sleep Apnea and other sleep conditions? Oh, it is. In fact, garlic has and continues to be widely used as a natural remedy for several health concerns in the human body.

We know that garlic is very rich in anti-inflammatory properties which works wonders on your airway. It's great for OSA but also for snorers alike. Sleep is incredibly important and while there are many OTC aids to help us fall asleep or stay asleep, we shouldn't necessarily overlook the one right around the corner in our very own kitchens!

Studies show eating approximately TWO cloves of garlic can provide those highly sought after benefits...but wow, that's a lot of garlic. If you're interested in this natural approach to end those gasping spells or silence the snoring for good, we recommend incorporating this fresh ingredient into *most* of your recipes.

Some may experience heartburn, reflux or even increased gas from the magical spice so be sure to allow your body time to adjust accordingly. We're new to garlic but love natural remedies paired with oral appliance therapy so maybe it's best to toss the love onto a pizza pie mid-day. Or, maybe that's just an excuse to have pizza. Either way, we think it might be a win-win situation.

How are you using garlic to combat natural conditions?

For more technical hooplah on this ingredient, check out this short video by Dr. Berg the Knowledge Doc

We approve. Opening airways, even with garlic breath.

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