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The weekend is here and we are firm believers in BETTER SLEEP so here are just a few things to be aware of as you head into some days off while using your oral appliance!

  1. Avoid late night snacks, absolutely. Our bodies do one of two things when we eat late at night...they store the fat for later or they convert it to energy. None of those yield better sleep so just avoid them altogether! Think of a time that works for you to shut. it. down. 7pm?

  2. Power-off the devices prior to laying down to rest. We love staying current and in-the-know with the world around us but when it comes to quality of sleep, it's best to avoid screens and additional noise before laying down. Send better signals to your body that rest is on the way and your body will reward you with better sleep.

  3. Use your CUSTOM oral appliance! We're busy and sometimes the evening gets away from us without even realizing it. Leave yourself a note, set a timer or place your oral appliance on your pillow routinely upon waking each morning so you never forget! Compliance and consistency are key when treating obstructive sleep apnea.

  4. Engage in relaxation. Brain activity is the best, we agree, BUT when we're after longer, better sleep we want to find a happy balance. Find an activity (or two!) that stimulate your senses versus your brain. Think meditation, yoga or even a good 'ole fashioned stretch. Our bodies respond well to being taken care of physically and to enhance your brain activity the following day, relaxation is a must!

Oral appliance therapy is most successful when we work together. At your periodic device checks, we dive into your sleep habits so we can identify things that may improve your therapy overall. Sometimes it is as simple as changing your body position while you sleep while other times we might recommend you change up your routine just a touch. We're in the business of *successfully* treating OSA and making you comfortable in the process.

Have tricks that work for you in oral appliance therapy? TAG us on INSTAGRAM @bettersleepinc and let us know! We've got some other tricks up our sleeves but we'd love to hear from you!

Better sleep is always within reach.