• Tiff Preston

Your Body is Talking to You!

Are you still snoring?

In 2021 snoring should no longer be considered a lifestyle disorder we simply accept and move on from. We're bigger than that and we know much, much more now. In fact, have you ever considered that perhaps your body is trying to tell you something?

Snoring can occur for a variety of reasons but it may be a sign of sleep apnea so we don't want you to press on as the guy (or gal) falling asleep in your work clothes. We don't want that for you because we don't want your body to go without oxygen. Yep, you heard correctly- OXYGEN.

When snoring, you aren't moving air freely through your nasal cavity which makes breathing a serious challenge for the body. You start snoring and you can assume your body is oxygen deprived, absolutely. This isn't meant to be scary but it is meant to be factual so you can begin to develop awareness for what your body may be trying to tell you.

The noise that often awakens you from your slumber can be a combination of sounds such as a simple vibration of tissue inside the airway. If you are an undiagnosed sleep apnea patient, it could be your body actually gasping for air. Now that, we can agree IS scary.

Oxygen is important and that's just all there is to it!

We need oxygen while we're awake AND while we're asleep so we are able to do all of the awesome things that human bodies do. You know everything your body needs to accomplish in a single day, BUT, do you know how your body responds to a lack of oxygen? Think about it and let's consider two major things that occur with oxygen deprivation.

The first is stimulation of red blood cells. With apparent lack of oxygen, we see an increase in the number of red blood cells throughout the body which actually thickens the blood significantly. While our blood is thickening naturally, the second thing that occurs is poor circulation. With poor circulation, our muscles seize, our organs work overtime and we can experience a wide range of failures throughout the body. Think of your body as a circuit board that's not quite getting enough "juice"...what does that look like? Is it shorting out or catching fire? Is it shutting down altogether?

This is just a peek into the physiological responses that may occur due to sleep apnea, other conditions or general lack of oxygen. And, with 80% of apnea patients undiagnosed, we want to lead with a reason to get tested. We want to lead with education.

Don't be afraid to get tested for potential sleep apnea...your body is talking to you!

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